Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never Again

Tomorrow is the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Let's not forget, or get complacent.

There's a party to celebrate tonight, which I was thinking about attending, but it's raining out. Rain in January in Minnesota is an ugly thing. I'm not going.

I had an interesting conversation with Boy-child the other day about abortion, though. He has a friend who is twenty. The twenty year old just found out that several years ago a girlfriend of his had an abortion, but didn't tell him about it. The friend was having conflicting feelings about the fact that the girl didn't tell him at the time. Boy-child and I ended up having an interesting discussion about it all, which included an exchange that went something like this:

Boy-child - Do you think that girl should have told him that she was pregnant?
Soxanne - It's too bad that she didn't think she could share the information with him at the time. I'm sure she had her reasons.
BC - Do you know anyone who's had an abortion?
S - Yes.
BC - How many?
S - I'm not sure. Half a dozen maybe, that I can think of.
BC - Do I know any of them?
S - Yes.
BC - Who?
S - That's not for me to divulge.
BC - (pause) Yes, I see that's true.

It's interesting to see him processing it all.

I was 13 in 1973, still going to catechism classes once a week; I was quite confused about it at the time. I guess the catechism wasn't convincing, given that I ended up volunteering for Planned Parenthood and The Red Shirts.

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Smokey used to have a boss who had a lapel pin with a picture of a coat hanger with a red line through it.