Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold Weather

It's been pretty cold here. Not much fun to go out. Knitting has helped me a lot as far as keeping me calm during what used to be weeks of cabin fever.

This is what the bus stop looked like yesterday as I trudged from the dentist's office to work:
This past week I have been entertaining myself with Mad Men and knitting new glittens for Girl-child. I fear I forgot a lot about how to make these and the second one is much better built than the first, but we'll see. The scrap yarn line across the one on the right is where the mitten cap will be attached.
She's due back from Chile in a little over a week, so we'll see how they fit then.

My dear friend, Susan, does not knit but she does work with clay. This is what she made us for Christmas - sheep for the knitter, salt and pepper set because we have a collection.
In fact, maybe I'll photograph some others from the collection to show just like I did with the ornaments. Stay tuned.

And another excellent winter activity: Puzzles. I received this one for Christmas. I love maps and I love Paris.
I have not, however, gotten very far with it yet.
We warmed up enough yesterday and today to get a little snow. Tomorrow we're supposed to be in the deep freeze again. I guess I'll either get going on the puzzle or finish the glittens. Or both. Depends on how long the cold snap lasts.


Suzique said...

Snow pix: gorgeous!! sumptuous!!!
Map: cool!!
sheep: fun to see them here!!
Map puzzle: fantastique!!

Suzique said...

actually my other comment goes partly for Jan 12, some for Jan 13...