Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Anne Needs

Thanks to Kmkat for the idea -

Go to Google, type in "[your name] needs" and take a look at the results ... here's what I got (my comments in blue):

  • Anne needs to win sexiest veg! obviously the wrong Anne
  • Anne needs to retire woot!
  • Anne needs no man but I already have one - what do I do with him?!?
  • Anne needs help and her parents decide medication is the best alternative I'll take meds
  • Anne needs to be at least pardoned for the crimes she didn't commit! Amen
  • Anne needs your support yes
  • Anne needs your prayers ditto
  • Anne needs to be where the action is! but I thought I was already there?
  • Anne needs a job ok, well, maybe one that pays a living wage...
  • Anne needs no enhancement tee hee!
Give it a try - it's fun!


Anonymous said...

Anne needs some applause! ::thunderous clapping::

Anonymous said...

and a ~~woo hoo~~ !!
the pezette