Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Potential Future Darwin Award Winner

Today was a cold day. I'm no wimp, mind you. But this girl got on the bus with a thin t-shirt and a very lightweight cardigan. No jacket. Wind chill advisories this morning. I kinneared her footwear:
She's in middle or junior high school, so she can't win a Darwin Award right now, but she'll be of age soon enough. She has potential.


Anonymous said...

You will recognize her next summer in her sandals... missing some toes, having lost them to frostbite.

Susan said...


Still, if she managed to get to the bus without breaking her neck, she has some talent, you gotta admit.

Anonymous said...

ok ... maybe studded heels? like you used to be able to do with tires? ... does this make us old?
the frozen fish? (and I loved that you Kinneared!!!

GehneeMarie said...

at least she's wearing leg warmers?