Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

From Harlot's calendar:

Today is Groundhog Day, when groundhogs all over North America come out of their holes and look for their shadow. If they see it, then they go back in their burrows and winter continues for six more weeks. If not, then winter is over. You can do the knitters' version of this. Take a look at the sweater you're knitting. If you're far from finished, there will be six more weeks of winter-during which you will have no sweater. If you are almost done, then spring is upon us ... and it will be too warm to wear your beautiful new sweater. Really, far more accurate than a groundhog.

It's partly cloudy today. I have the sleeves left to do on my sweater (and putting it together, making the button band, etc....)

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Susan said...

For Muggles, the useful metaphor is umbrellas. If you bring your umbrella along, it will not rain. If you forget it, it will rain.