Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Because My Father Was Black

Your result for The Africa Test...

The Native

16-20 points!

You either are a native of and grew up in Africa, or you went to school in Africa, or you have lived in Africa for many years. Either way, your knowledge of Africa is extensive and you are not ashamed of sharing this information with others. Your knowledge is helping reduce the ignorance about this wonderful continent. Keep up the good work!!

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(you've heard of the Black Irish, right?)


Anonymous said...

Gee, we don't look blackish (I was a native, too.)

Anonymous said...

I love these quizzes ... and I join the two of youz although I think my old job had more to do with my answers than anything but a good quiz all the same!
a foreign fish

Susan said...

Your result for The Africa Test ...
The Expert
Who'd have thunk!
11-15 points!
Congrats, you know quite a lot about Africa! If you're not a native of the continent, you took a lot of classes about Africa or are just very interested in knowing as much as you can. Either way, you've become quite an expert and could hold your own in a conversation with African natives. Well done!

Susan said...

P.S. I got 14. Almost a native, but not quite.