Friday, February 6, 2009

Passing Through the West Bank

Not the West Bank of the newspapers, but the West Bank of the University. I pass through on occasion when work brings me to the Minneapolis side of campus. I was there on Wednesday and Thursday this past week.

I like passing through because it reminds me of when I was a student living in the neighborhood. I don't like passing through because the neighborhood is much seedier than it used to be. Actually, it was pretty seedy then too; I guess I just didn't notice it so much when I was younger.

It does have a Yarn Door, which is hard to pass by without stopping in.I told my husband that Depth of Field has an amazing magnetic force that makes it impossible to resist.

And there's Palmer's Bar, which is not a bar I frequented in the old days, but I do remember going there once with a friend of a friend; a frat boy from Union College who beat the locals at pool. It was a fun outing. A few weeks ago, as I was passing Palmer's, a guy was thrown out the door rather unceremoniously. There were two women walking in front of me who were covered, and then this guy reeking of alcohol was thrown out of the bar, and then I passed by.

I enjoy the great variety of people that you can still find on the West Bank.


Anonymous said...

Trust me ... in MY time on the West Bank it was seedy ... I think it is supposed to be seedy but I don't think they ever had a Yarn Door! Love it!
the fish

Susan said...

I wonder what's behind the Yarn Door?

Anonymous said...

The West Bank was always seedy, but when we were all penniless students that seemed normal. Now that we have achieved middle-classdom, the seediness offends our eyes.

Is the Yarn Door connected to Depth of Field? I haven't been there in ages, must go.

Susan said...

Your reference to the West Bank of the newspapers vs. "our" West Bank reminds me of the envelope I sent to one of our East Bank locations, and it travelled to Israel and was finally bounced back to campus!

Susan said...

I meant to say "to one of our West Bank locations". I've been *on* West Bank so long my brain cells misfired.