Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IYNF and LYS Updates

Didja know it's the International Year of Natural Fibres? Yes, really. I see that sisal is making a comeback in Tanzania, one of the places on my list of must sees (I really, really, really want to go see the Ngorongoro crater).

Check out all 15 natural plant and animal fibers here. (Plenty of stuff to work with for folks who are intolerant of wool). I do have some Be Sweet in my stash ... it's much easier to get politically correct yarn here than in Chile ...

And it turns out there's also this thing called KnitMap which will show you all the local yarn shops when you put in a zip code. Take a look here for the Twin Cities map. Wow. This is the tool to use when going on vacation - find out where to pick up that souvenir yarn ... I also like the fact that on the home page you can check the option to find stores that are open right now (kind of reminds me of the Las Vegas crowd when I was working in the travel industry - "When's the next flight to Vegas...pant, pant").

I'm looking over the new VogueKnitting ... can you tell? (Sorry Susan)


Anonymous said...

yowza but you've got a bunch of lookie/lookie on this post!
The Ngorongoro crater? that panorama view? wow! and all the knit info ... that map of shops is a bit outdated but fun ...but then I LOVE maps ... could NOT find anything open at this hour ... must look at Las Vegas map
... thanks for all the fun stuff
the pezette

Susan said...

This sounds bigger than the Eelpout Festival! (just being my Muggly self!)