Monday, November 10, 2008

Weird Monday

Who knew? There is a conservative answer to wikipedia - check out the entry for Liberal here. (They say those things about liberals as if it were a bad thing!) Thanks, Kate, for the tip.

In the meantime, it was a very weird Monday. Boy-child and I went to juvenile traffic court where he pleaded guilty and threw himself at the mercy of the court. It went well.

After coming home I thought I could quick get some leaves raked, bagged and over to the city compost drop off before it starts "precipitating" tomorrow.

The cat did not want to help:
I did find an example of maroon and gold in nature, which the University had a publicity thing for a while back:
It's in the middle there, somewhere.

What seems really odd to me is that that tree can produce so many leaves when we only just planted it when Girl-child was born.

Of course, that was 19 years ago this week. She was home for "cake" tonight, and some goofing off with her little brother.

Unusual choice of cake for a November birthday, but whatever the Birthday Girl wants ...She watched a schmaltzy romantic movie (can't remember which), washed her sheets because "they don't smell right after being washed at school," squeezed in a Target run and I then managed to meet some of her floor-mates at the dorm since I was hauling stuff up to her room with her.
And speaking of tacky movies, Boy-child talked me in to watching Shaun of the Dead last night. Wow. And I thought Mallrats was bad.
Actually, the zombies brought Sheepish Annie to mind, which made me giggle, but I still couln't watch the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Heh. The graphic of the liberal brain. The "group think microchip." Like, how is that any different from the "faith" microchip in the evangelical brain?

Debra said...

Whaaat?!? You didn't like "Shaun of the Dead"? What a great film! I *hate* horror movies, yet laughed the entire time. (It's really a comedy.)

The duo's follow-up "Hot Fuzz" was even better!

Last weekend I watched "Run Fatboy, Run" (same lead), and thought it was great, too.

These films were some of my favorites of the past two years...

Ahh well, at least we have knitting in common! :)