Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hill

You know, I've walked past this countless times, but this week was the first time it dawned on me ... in this hill there should be a Hobbit Hole - not this ugly thing, but a round green door with a knob in the middle and lots of rooms inside with pantries full of food...
I do wonder - was it built during the cold war? Is it a fallout shelter? I'll have to try to find it from the inside one of these days.

Tonight was Drunken Knit Night and Merlin's was packed. I guess everyone likes to go have a beer on Friday night when it's chilly outside.

Happy first anniversary to Minneapolis' DKN.


Ironic said...

Dearest Soxy,
Thanks for raising some good children. They were very helpful tonight, which made things easier.

Anonymous said...

That door is an enigma. Now I will looking for in St. Paul (?) for the rest of my days.

Susan said...

I can't knit but I can get drunken. I love the magic door. It does get the creative mind spinning.... thanks for that and I wanna see it myself!