Saturday, November 8, 2008

What Now?

For those of us who have been obsessing and ranting about the election, there is the question now of what's next? What can I obsess about now? I think some of us will just have to wait and hope ... because I do feel very hopeful all of a sudden. (Nice photos, P)
This is girl-child after voting for the first time in a national election. How fun would that be, to vote for a winner the first time? I've only voted for the winner in the presidential race three times now - I hope she has better luck!

I'm very happy for her - and for all young people - because of the hope that the Obama presidency inspires. (Even though, imho, it will take two or three generations to recover from the W years.)

I think I'll start watching the first season of West Wing again. I don't see Rahm Emanuel as a Leo McGarry type, but perhaps that will make it more interesting to watch the new administration in action.

In the meantime, I'll continue to knit. I finished the back of the Must Have Cardigan: It's really quite nice and I love the color. After making Boy-child two orange hats and working on orange socks for Girl-child, I'm enjoying the green very much. A person can only take so much orange.

I took Girl-child shopping today - she has given in to the fact that she needs boots for the winter. I think the snow yesterday and today inspired her. I was always a boot person, so I hope that she sees the light while shod in the fab pair we found at DSW today. We got her jeans too; the general public will no longer know what color underwear she has on when she's walking around campus...

Boy-child visited two schools in the past two weeks and has decided to stick with the current one 'till the end of the year with the hope that he'll get into the better of the two recently visited for next fall; the lesser of the two will be the back-up. He has calmed down a lot over the past month, and I am very grateful for that.

I went to see author Monica Ferris* today at a local yarn shop. She is quite a charming woman. She read from her new book, Thai Die, which is not out quite yet. I picked up Sins and Needles for the trip to Chile, as well as a basic hat, mittens and scarves book for Girl-child to have for reference. I'm so sorry I didn't take my camera, because Ms Ferris had on a wonderful hat which she purchased at a store in Muncie that caters to African-American church-going women, in the spirit of Crowns. Since she's local, I'm hoping I'll have another opportunity to see her; hopefully with camera in hand.

*Thanks kmkat, for pointing out that the Monica Ferris website has hat pictures!


Anonymous said...

I checked out Monica Ferris's website -- wow, she does go in for hats in a big way. Big hats, Queen Mother at The Derby hats. Fun!

I love DSW, too.

Must-have cardi is looking great!

Anonymous said...

Ya shudda seen the hat she wore when she spoke at the library/book club ... large brim with great feathers ...
the hat-less fish person