Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who Rocks?

Knitters rock ... but sock knitters rock beyond all else.

Just look here for the story of getting Barack Obama to hold a sock in progress for a knitter. Then look here for Harlot's challenge to get politicians (and royalty, but we're very short on royalty here in Minnesota) to hold socks in progress for photo opportunities.

I wonder what Al Franken is doing tomorrow ... I know he has a sense of humor...


Anonymous said...

I love it... I love it... I love it
see??? what was I just saying today about knitting and balancing the world ... I think you should ctc Al and tell him about this blog and see what he wants to do for the state of MN ... truly ... you would be PERFECT for this !!!
co-river roller

boo said...

the best part is that the picture didn't take! where did the other pictures come from!?