Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday's Questions and Update

So, I heard some news show this morning and the talking heads were discussing the opposing positions of Obama and McCain on capital gains taxes. Now tell me the truth here ... if our houses are worth less than they were five years ago, and the stock market has crashed, just who is concerned at the moment with capital gains taxes?

Also, I was cleaning up the house today ... something I have fallen severely behind in what with all the upheaval in the household over these past two weeks ... and I found a grocery bag that Girl-child had deposited in the kitchen during one of her visits. In the bag I found 1) a sun dress, 2) two pairs of boxers, 3) a W and a Vogue magazine and, 4) the instructions and software for the printer we recently purchased that she took to the U with her. ??? Interesting combination, Sweet Pea. Thanks.

Speaking of Girl-child and the U, yesterday we went to see the U Theater Department's production of The Woyzeck Project. Wow. Very interesting, a bit disturbing and quite cool.

For knitting I made some sock progress that is too boring to mention ... I also made Boy-child a new purple alpaca hat ...
... and then ... I discovered colorwork. The project from the Mississippi cruise was seriously attacked, albeit with modifications (the actual colors are green and lavender):

It's going to be a fingerless mitten designed by Pam Allen ... the yarn is Fresco by Classic Elite and it is delicious.


boo said...

hehe, oops, you can just stick that in my room and I'll deal latter.

Anonymous said...

Love the hat ... color is just great ...! The contents of the shopping bag could be the basis for an interesting theater skit, no?
the other knitter