Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to Normal

***Whatever normal is ...

***I always hate it when the Nobel winner of literature is someone I've never heard of. Must. check. this. guy. out.(From the Associated Press): France's Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio won the 2008 Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday for works characterized by "poetic adventure and sensual ecstasy" and focused on the environment, especially the desert.

***Did you hear that the US Debt Clock has run out of digits? Read about it here. The square used for the dollar sign will now be the extra digit needed until the sign can be replaced (that is, if someone can come up with the money for a new one).

***Which one?
Or this one? I guess "That One" might be one of the more memorable lines from the debate this week. How much lower can we go? (Not much, I hope)

***Here's a book blog that is geared toward book groups (from Booklist) - looks like a great place to get ideas for good reads.

***And just for fun, take a look at the Strange Maps blog for information on the colonial state of San Seriffe. What a kick! Be sure to read the whole thing, and note the use of the word "condominium" which actually means Joint rule or sovereignty according to the OED.

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Susan said...

I love it! Thirty point must be a good sized town.