Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe's 15 Minutes of Fame

As P so succincly pointed out, once again the McCain campaign did not properly vet their new poster child ... Joe The Plumber (referred to over thirty times in the debate? Really?) is not a real plumber, would benefit from the Obama tax plan, not McCain's and is currently behind in his taxes. Wow. Ooops!

I didn't watch the debate - I was at book club with the girls (see below). Am I ever glad. I probably would have blown a gasket anyway. And you know, I was pretty unhappy about Obama going the slow, steady, peaceful path while he was being attacked, but now I can see that it really was a good approach. There's Obama, calm, cool, collected ... steady as a rock. And there's McCain, irritable and cantankerous, making bad, snap decisions in a snit.

Which one would I rather see as president ... hmmmmm ... let me think ...

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