Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The problem with having too many projects on the needles is that it takes forever to have a Finished Object. The benefit is that all of a sudden you can have more than one thing done.

The color's not very good, but the fingerless mitts are done (yes, the ends have to be woven in, but the weather is improving right now so that'll be done in a couple of days). The colors are green and lavender:
And a single sock for P is done - the colors are really blue-ish but it seems to be an impossible color/pattern combo to photograph:
Note that no yarn was wasted - that is the end of the skein:
There is also an orange hat somewhere, but the yarn was not much loved, so another will be made with Cascade. You can't go wrong with Cascade.

The weekend will be spent in a mad rush to finish an election day surprise for a certain someone. If it turns out. Pictures to follow. (If it turns out)

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Anonymous said...

Look at those mitts!! I am SO proud of you and ALL of your FOs .. wish I could say the same but my stuff seems addicted to the needles and just doesn't want to allow itself to be released from them ... sigh ...
fish person