Sunday, March 6, 2016

On Color and Addictions and Color Addiction

The blankie continues to progress.  I have added to my scraps through a scrap-swap at the Knitters' Guild February Tea.  I took in some worsted leftovers and picked up sock yarn leftovers.  Some of my Friday night knitting pals have also contributed to the project.  (It's ok, Rosemary, because it's a net zero).

It's a labor of love and addiction.  Over 70 squares now so 10% there ... starting to look like a blankie too.

I finished a sock for DIL.  She got short-changed at Christmas last year so my goal is to have two pair that fit her for next winter.

I also continue to work on tidying up estate issues.  As I prepare to close on the sale of Auntie's house I have picked up other loose ends, such as this afghan.   It was made by my paternal grandmother in the 1950s or 60s.  It needs repair.  Turned out it needed a bath too.

It's crochet so DIL will be in charge of the repairs.  I found materials and once it's dry I'll take it over to The Girls so that it can be fixed up and ready for someone to use.  The colors match better than it would seem from the photos.

It took me to the halfway point to realize that the yarn I chose for the Sister Syster was not good for the pattern.  For the record, if you're planning on making one, look for a yarn with drape.  I was focused on the color.  I am easily distracted by color.  When I saw this purple yarn I decided I wanted a Sister Syster made out of it without thinking it wasn't a good match as far as fabric ...  so now it's been washed and can be made into something else.

Speaking of color ... I try not to buy stuff (much).  My goal is to acquire only things that make my everyday better.  When I saw this polka-dotted mug it made me smile, so I bought it.  When I got it home, washed it and put it on the towel to dry it made me laugh.  I have no regrets.

I guess I have some color addiction issues :D

If you're looking for a sheepy movie I would highly recommend Rams.  We went for a Friday Knit Night Orphans field trip.  I'm not sure everyone else liked it but I thought it was terrific!


kmkat said...

My favorite scene was when Gummi dumped his dead-drunk and half froen brother outside the emergency room with the front-end loader.

Hữu Tú Trương said...
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