Monday, March 28, 2016

The Train

I took the train to New York when I was done in D.C.  I figure what with security and getting from LaGuardia to the city it took about the same amount of time as a flight would have.

The station is nice.   Well, was once nice.  It's pretty chopped up now but there were some old style grand station bits still visible.

There was good people watching too.  I'm not sure how these stockings work, but they were impressive.

There was tagging along the way :)

More than anything else I was impressed by the number of states you cross on such a short train ride.  


Mary Lou said...

I always take the train in that situation. Much easier than dealing with airports for such a short flight.

kmkat said...

Good call. Was that Union Station in DC? Never been there. And I want a pair of those kitty stockings.