Sunday, March 27, 2016

D.C. (Kind of)

I was in Alexandria, Virginia for work last week.

Old Town is an interesting place.  I found this along King Street.  Non-sequitur does not even begin to describe it, I think:

I got to see Boy-child and meet his girlfriend.  (Yes, I like her very much!):

It was peak cherry blossom time but since I wasn't actually in D.C. and I was working, I had to make do with the available blossoms:

One thing I did discover that I want to go back to check out (I found it 1/2 hour before closing) is the Torpedo Factory:

The work part went well and I was glad I got to explore a bit.  Also, need I mention I went to my favorite Alexandria yarn shop?  They didn't have the Miss Babs I was looking for but I managed to find a few thinks I liked:

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Mary Lou said...

I've never seen the cherry blossoms in DC. There are lovely ones in Newark, NJ, though, believe it or not!