Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Mornings

When the weather is warm, and the Farmers' Market is on (May-Oct) I usually see Girl-child, DIL and the pseudo-grandkids at the market. It's such an easy way to meet, it's fun and shopping gets done. 

Since October it's been kind of a struggle to get together on Saturday mornings.   It's hard to say exactly why.

That said, we have had a couple of fun get togethers. Once they popped in on me unexpectedly on a Sunday morning.

The condo is not a big space, but it seems to accommodate toys and books just fine.

This morning we went to the American Swedish Institute.  There is a great playroom upstairs and we had a great time until the naughty intruders were, well, naughty.

After ASI we went to lunch at The Modern Times Cafe.

The food was good and the waitstaff are great with kids.  I will say I found it a bit cheeky that the check comes back with tips calculated at 20%, 25% and 30% :P

And for the record, there is a great watercolor exhibit at ASI.  This piece in the library was (not surprisingly) my favorite:

We were going to go visit the Art Shanties this morning but the weather is too warm so it was cancelled :(


kmkat said...

The pseudo-grandkids are an extremely colorful pair, aren't they? I love it!

Mary Lou said...

I thought of you - went to the Library of Congress last weekend when in DC for work. Incredible place.

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