Monday, February 1, 2016

What Is Happening? Where Are We Going?

And what are we doing in this hand basket?

Politics just continues to get stranger and stranger.  I used to be interested in all of it.  Not so much any more.   Lucky for me, it seems I can afford to move to San Jose, Costa Rica or Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I think I can work remotely from either.   I will investigate further as the need arises ...

The blankie progresses slowly.  I've used a kitchen scale to determine I need about 2 grams - maybe just a bit more depending upon the yarn - for a square.  I'm still kind of addicted.  

I also have the Sister Syster going and two socks OTN but I forgot to take photos.  

Maybe next time.  I think I will have to queue up lots of stuff on Netflix, look at the news as little as possible and bury myself in knitting until November.  And then maybe move.


Mary Lou said...

I hear ya - burying my head in my hands.

kmkat said...

Elder Son called us twice on Monday night to talk about the Iowa results. (This is the first time we have talked to him since Christmas.) And the squares in my sock blankie are 5 grams each.