Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wooly Musings on a Very Cold Weekend

Progress on my leftover sock yarn throw/blankie is being made, although I did the math and I'm laughing at myself because I was thinking it's been going pretty well ... Per my measurements, I'll want it to be about 30x24 squares; that's 720 squares total. I have done 32 so far.  

Progress is progress, right?

The Sister Syster progresses too, although it's not as sexy as the blankie.

I don't remember if I showed my grandkid Christmas knitting before or not.  At any rate, here are the things knit with children added:

Ear Flap Baby Hat for the baby.

Barley Hat for The-Boy-Who-Loves-Purple.

Pixie hat for either one - it ended up less pointy than expected, but I suppose it works.

Socks for TBWLP (note the blue adult foot in the upper right, also in a sock knit by Yours Truly).


Mary Lou said...

Adding children to knitting always improves its appearance, doesnt it?

kmkat said...

You and TBWLP are two of a kind!

soxanne said...

It runs in the family ;)