Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Finally, Snow!

We finally got some snow today.

Because I worked from home yesterday and today I felt the need to go out.

Plus I like to smugly walk to the light rail and go places when it's too awful out to drive.

It's a thing with me.

Not to mention the fact that the Mall of America was going to be empty.  I knew it would be.

And I had a hankering for ribs :D

Here is what I'm working on in addition to the blankie ...  First, a pair of socks for DIL:

Another pair for me (I won the yarn at the annual Drunken Knit Night party):

And the Sister Syster.  It's a wonderful color and the stitch definition is great.  I'm not sure it's an ideal yarn for the pattern but it will be functional enough and very pretty:

That's it.  Just going to sit back and enjoy the winter wonderland now.


Mary Lou said...

I cancelled a meeting and worked from home. Ribs at MOA? Do tell.

kmkat said...

Sunday should be another great day for shopping. 98% of the US will be glued to their televisions.