Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Everyday

I took a walk down Lake Street the other day. My goal was to read all the historical signs that I pass by when I walk around. Turns out there weren't very many of them on my route that day, but I did read all of the ones I passed (between my place and the Dairy Queen on 44th).

This spot has been languishing for a while. I hope something gets done with it eventually.  Or that it gets better graffiti.

And I've always loved these blocks.  I don't know what they're called, but I remember them from basements as a kid, and a fancy bathroom remodel I saw once at a home on Lake Minnetonka.

I took some cloud pictures at Lake of the Isles the other day.  I suppose I should join the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Today after work I went to the American Swedish Institute with Girl-child, DIL and the pseudo-grandkids.

Everyone had fun.

It's a great museum and there's a good exhibit on right now about guitars.

Finally, I spotted this woman with an unusual lunch bag whilst waiting for the train this morning.  I do love a person with a sick sense of humor :-D


kmkat said...

1. I think those are just called glass blocks. They were big mid-20th century; the basement windows in our first house had been filled in with them instead of plain glass. More secure, I guess.
b. Sick sense of humor -- that's why we are friends, right?
III. Clouds like those always make me think of the front of the weekly church bulletin when I was a kid. When Andrew and I were in England and Scotland in '95 we saw a LOT of them; he now knows all about 1950s & 1960s Methodist church bulletins.
d. Love the photo of Girl-Child and kidlets at the Swedish Institute!

Fede said...

Qué niños tan lindos!

Mary Lou said...

I love glass block, too. Was the DQ the object of the walk? Nothing like cheap soft serve, I say. I want that lunch bag, too.

Chelsea said...

One of my coworkers has that lunch bag. And since I work with nurses, it did give me pause!