Friday, June 19, 2015

Hooray for the Everyday!

Just hanging out, getting used to the new normal.

Isn't it funny how kids can always find fun activities, even in a condo with limited space?  I can only hope they like visiting Nana Anna's house.

The lake continues to be a place of refuge.  I even got to walk around Isles yesterday with Girl-child, alone.  Time to talk is so rare now that there are children around.

I discovered some treasures at Riverside station yesterday.  They seem to be made of pots and pans.

I love finding stuff like this around town - especially in the more down-trodden parts of town.

And speaking of the old 'hood, they're building more apartments near Cedar Square West (or whatever it's called now).  I'm dying to see if they're subsidized or luxury or something in between.

I'm hoping to take this weekend off as far as Auntie's estate.  What to do, what to do ....  Maybe I'll go floor shopping and make a final decision.  I had second thoughts the other day and have started considering terrazzo.  Will I ever get this project done?!?


kmkat said...

I saw a display in a hardware store window this week that kinda blew me away. It was all sparkly new silvery stuff -- buckets, wash tubs, sprinkling cans, that kind of stuff. It was in the tiny town north of us but the more I looked at it it seemed to be worthy of MOMA. (Gotta go back and get a photo.)

Kids! Noise! Fun! Energy! Exhaustion!

Rose the Gypsy said...

Never herd of terrazzo before. The picture of it online look awesome. Good luck floor shopping!

Mary Lou said...

Nanna Anna- I love it. I never thought of terrazzo in a home - we have them in the courthouse. Won't they be cold? What about cork?

soxanne said...

Terrazzo, it turns out, is very hard to come by. Cork was my original plan but is very high-maintenance, so no. It's either painted and polished concrete or ceramic. Yes, it will be cold, but I don't care about that. I have warm felted slippers, after all :-D