Sunday, June 7, 2015

The New Normal

Life begins to take on a normal feel. It's a new normal, for a number of reasons.

The Girls have two children, 3-1/2 yrs and 1 yr old. They came upon them through family, and will have them until further notice.

So far the new normal with The Babies includes going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings.

There are donuts.

And this week there was birdhouse building.

The flowers are planted on the balcony.

Today I did a little shopping in Stillwater.  

And walking around Lake of the Isles has resumed.

Next Saturday is Auntie's memorial service.   After that the focus will be on emptying her house and selling it.  A weird new normal summer project.


Mary Lou said...

Wow - two sorta grandkids overnight. Must be odd but fun. Good luck with Auntie's stuff. I have done that, no picnic. At least it isn't snowing while you do it!

Fede. said...

Acabo de ver lo de tu tía. Lo siento y te pido disculpas por el retraso. También veo que hay buenas noticias: te has convertido en abuela temporal Disfrútalo. Besos.

kmkat said...

So now you are sorta-officially a grannie! Keep up the knitting! ::snerk::

soxanne said...

They call me "Nana Anna" :-D