Friday, July 10, 2015

On Color Therapy and Flags

Aqua seems to be the color of the season. In April I purchased mink yarn in a beautiful shade of aqua. I also purchased a sweatshirt and sheets in the same color this spring.

Perhaps aqua has a special, soothing appeal to offset mourning.

I continue to walk around Lake of the Isles.  It's amazing how the combination of things changing through the seasons and the area covered on a three mile walk (even if taken every day) means that daily discoveries are always possible.

Like this weird concavity in one of the trees.

I had a student on the phone today who lives in South Carolina.  She said she is 63 years old, and that she has seen it all.

"Today," she said, "is a great day in South Carolina."

I told her that it is a great day in Minnesota too.  And just for the record, that flag has been up for 54 years not out of respect for the fallen in a war that ended over 100 years ago.  It went up during the Civil Rights movement for a reason, and it's about time it came down.

Back to color therapy; I got a pair of purple ballet flats this week.

I am knitting a pair of purple socks (Christmas knitting has begun).

And also in knitting, I finished a Baby Sophisticate jacket for a former co-worker who is due in September.

Ok, well, to be honest the buttons are not sewn on yet, but I'm pretty much done.

I also started a secret birthday gift tonight at Drunken Knit Night.  Let's hope I can keep it under wraps until November ;-)

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kmkat said...

Sweet sweater, sweet purple flats, and sweet aqua! I didn't know when the flag went up in SC. That says a lot.