Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nana Duty

I got extra Nana-Anna duty last week. Girl-child needed a little help while DIL was away at camp (The Girls run Camp Quest and her attendance was necessary).

We went to the Sculpture Garden on Monday after work.  This place has always been one of my favorite cheap dates; I used to go regularly when Girl-Child and Boy-Child were little.

The week only got hotter and hotter, so by Friday we were seeking indoor activities.  Midtown Global Market has it all - food, a play area and music for dancing.

Saturday morning it was the usual:  Midtown Farmers Market.  The entomology students were there from the U of M.  There were big caterpillars to pet.

And hissing cockroaches from Madagascar.

Little Boy had lots of fun and earned a Junior Scientist sticker.

This grandma gig is exhausting but fun :-D

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Mary Lou said...

Sweet. So happy the hot weather has broken. For now.