Sunday, August 9, 2015


I am, at my core, a glutton for punishment. This would explain why I get into projects like my floor project (started over a year ago). This weekend and last were both spent moving furniture. First, everything from the bedrooms into the living room and dining room so that the floors in the bedrooms could be done, and currently everything from the living and dining into the bedrooms. 

Amazingly, most of it fit into Boy-child's room:

The books, while time consuming, were not the hardest part.  The sofa was among the most difficult pieces. 

Now the rooms are empty and ready for the cement guys to return.

I'm calling the finished, polished concrete "rustic, urban chic" :-D

I am knitting, albeit not much, and with many, many, stupid mistakes.  These socks, for Girl-child this Christmas, are passable, but not without their issues.  Other socks have had to be ripped out.

Note the difference between the dull, stained concrete above and the high-gloss rustic, urban chic below ...

Last weekend I went to Open Streets with The Girls and The Babies for a break.

  It was entertaining, but very hot.

We had a good time, and it was a break from moving furniture.

Girl-child has special talents with tubes, both horizontally,

and vertically.

Nothing like street food whilst sitting in the street.

This weekend The Girls took me (and The Babies) to Sunday Assembly, which definitely has potential.


Rose the Gypsy said...

I LOVE urban chic!

Anonymous said...

Urban chic FTW!

Mary Lou said...

Very chic. Looks great. Your own open street.