Monday, August 24, 2015

Gone South and East and Back

I was in Hotlanta for work ... the Hyatt has a Willy Wonka elevator that goes through the roof to a rotating restaurant, so of course we went.

Because of last-minute confusion on the flight from Atlanta to DC (I was standby for that leg, going to see Boy-child) I got the last seat on the plane and it happened to be in first class.

It was nice to see Boy-child without having to go to a funeral.

I got to see where he lives and works.

And get eaten alive by mosquitoes in his backyard.

The hotel in Arlington had really weird carpeting.

We squeezed in a visit to the Hirshhorn Museum.  There was a modern odalisque on display.

And assorted cool stuff, which is always to be expected there.

I love these figures in the sculpture garden.

And since I had a little extra time I nipped down to Alexandria to visit Fibre Space where I found some Miss Babs sock yarn.

I do like my souvenir yarn :D  

It was a good trip and now I'm as caught-up as I'm going to be ... back to the salt mines!


Mary Lou said...

You two have the same smile. Nice to visit sans funeral AND in first class. Score.

kmkat said...

I like Boy Child's t-shirt! btw, you may need a new nickname for him -- he's not a boy/child anymore!