Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I've been walking about.  We're doing that thing at work, where you are supposed to walk 10,000 steps per day.  I've been trying to have fun whilst I walk.

If you haven't been to the MIA for the Leonardo exhibit, The Codex Leicester, I would encourage you to go. It's Leonardo with crochet. Really, I kid you not.

And BTW, there's a new guy at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. 

One must not get too high and mighty with the highbrow art, imho.  I'll call this photo, "Self-portrait with dinosaur."

And I love what they do with those boxes - I don't know if they're electrical boxes in general or just for the semaphores, but they're dressed up pretty nice, even in the shoddy parts of town.

An African-American woman was railing against the East African immigrants as we waited for the bus.  I did not take her bait.

Tonight I happened by the Weisman Museum on the University campus just at the right moment, when the sun was hitting it.

At home the succulents and moss roses are thriving on the balcony.


Mary Lou said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for the reminder to get to the Codex exhibit before it closes. I've been a bit overwhelmed with a variety of mostly good things, but summer is flying by.

kmkat said...

I need to see that Codex exhibit. Probably in combination with a Friday night knit night.

::scurries away to check calendar::

Silvernfire said...

Why yes, yes, you should do that.