Thursday, October 2, 2014

MNKD and New Camera cont'd

I failed to mention in my original post that I received a delightfully sheepy mug at Knitters' Days (I took it to work since they all think I'm pretty kooky with the knitting):

As well as a pair of black, sparkly fingerless mitts (I would never knit sparkly for myself):

And matching sock earrings:

This is the scarf in progress which is the product of the Domino Knitting class (note the color pattern in the bottom-right of the paper - it's knit on the diagonal so the next square will be green):

I continue to be thrilled with the new camera:

Now I just have to go out more so that I find things and take pictures.

This from the Farmers Market - I didn't know you could grow garlic here!

Also, just when The Gypsy and I had decided on a cruise we got an email for another possibility ... hmmm ... go somewhere warm and uninteresting on the cheap or go somewhere spendy and cold but very interesting .... ???


Mary Lou said...

I can't grow garlic here, except teeny bulbs that are too much trouble to peel. Spendy and cold!

kmkat said...

Great mug and gloves! What kind of camera did you get? Destination depends on what you need: relaxation (warm and boring) or stimulation (cold and spendy).

soxanne said...

The garlic is small, but I'm still excited about it!

How do I know what I'll need in a vacation next year?

The Girls told me to get a Sony Cyber-shot and I'm good at doing what I'm told ;-)

I found an "open package" fancy-pants version with a 20x zoom at about 40% off - woot!