Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Minnesota Knitters' Days

Last weekend was Minnesota Knitters' Days at Villa Maria.

It was Domino Knitting with Susanna Hansson.

I got a new camera (finally!) for the occasion.

It came in very handy when figuring out the colors.

The Gypsy was in town for the event.  She managed to stump the instructor.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful and the weather was downright hot.

I'm not a country girl but I am very fond of the location.

Plus I love the labyrinth out  back.

Hope to make it again next year.


kmkat said...


Wish I had been there. Anyway.

The lime green and the fuschia yarns are nearly the same in the b&w photo, but they would contrast perfectly in real life. What did you make?

Mary Lou said...

One of these years...