Monday, September 15, 2014


I have been knitting a bit lately ... 

...this pair of socks were sent to Boy-child's landlady in D.C. today:

I made a second Color Affection in colors that are more in keeping with what I usually wear:

And there are more projects under way.  Some are surprises so I will only show this, which is proof that for me knitting is not just the stuff, it's not just the process; color therapy plays a large part in my love of knitting.

The lace project has been put into hibernation.  I'm hoping it will make sense again when it wakes up ;-)


kmkat said...

Yay for color therapy! And the Color Affection turned out beautifull :-)

Mary Lou said...

Just walking into a yarn store (or fabric, or flowers) is color therapy, isn't it? Socks for the landlady? Can't he make his rent?