Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nothing New to Report

The Girls went with me to the Guild meeting last week. It was fun to have them along. There were lots of beautiful things to see at the meeting but in general there were fewer knitted items that inspire a knitter like myself - most were much more complicated than I would make. Lots of color work and few (reasonably sized) shawls.

I finally worked in the ends so that Girl-child can wear her new mitts. The children at school think she is just that much more awesome now that she has superpower mitts.

I don't know if I mentioned I am ripping the carpet out of my condo.  It was my summer project.  Getting the bookshelves moved was the hardest part since all the books had to be taken off the shelves.  It was kind of hard to walk through the place until I had it done.

And speaking of books, I think I instagram-ed this but never posted.  I found the most amazing card-catalog bag at The Rack this summer.  I absolutely love it.

At some point this summer I noticed that there were pianos out on Grand Ave in various spots (I think I saw three).  I don't know what the story is behind it but I found it delightful.  Wish I knew how to play.

I have not walked around the lake lately but at some point I did snap this shot of a drinking fountain for human adults and children with an additional doggie-height option.  Because I saw someone at a different fountain without the doggie height addition letting their pooch drink from the human fountain I don't think I will ever use a public fountain again.

Amazing shoe season is almost over.  Such a pity - it can be so entertaining.

This shot of the old courthouse is taken from inside the government center, basement level, through a waterfall.  It's a lovely spot.

Next weekend is Minnesota Knitters' Days.  The Gypsy will be in town for the event.  I can't wait.

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kmkat said...

So many good things in this post. What/where does GirlChild teach? Amazing Shoe Season is indeed fun. I love(d) that waterfall in the government center -- had to walk right past it to get to the credit union. I think I am going to the Yarnery/DarnKnitAnyway event in Maplewood next Sunday -- you?