Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Atlanta (final)

Coca-cola is a big deal in Atlanta.

The city has some pretty corners.

I walked around a bit even though I wasn't supposed to.

Not a lot of classical architecture (maybe because we burned it all during the Civil War?)

The Living Walls previously mentioned notwithstanding, not a lot of graffiti or street art.

I forgot to add this into the Center for Puppetry Arts earlier.  I liked that place.

I did manage to bring bag a souvenir from Sister Louisa's - I never thought I would add stickers to my laptop but I couldn't resist this one.

Several years ago I interviewed for a job in Hammond, Louisiana.  I thought afterwards that I may be able to move to the South or I may be able to move to a small town but I wouldn't be able to move to a small town in the South.  After going to Atlanta (first time for me) I can confidently say that I never want to live in the Southern United States.   Not my cup of tea.  

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Mary Lou said...

I hear ya, Sister. We had a conference event at the Coca Cola museum a couple of years ago. EEEWW