Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Near Miss

There was concern that we would wake up to 6-9 inches of new snow this morning.

I am happy to report that did not happen.

The poor souls who live south and east of here were apparently hit pretty hard. Up to 13 inches.

Speaking of souls and weather, things are getting green here at Cemetery Way.

The Gypsy and I did a little investigating last Sunday, when it was 80 degrees (today it is in the 30s). We investigated the identity of the neighbor who is the focal point of the weather shots I take from my balcony. Turns out the large headstone is of a Hillyer who passed away in 1883. The small stone adjacent is Susie Dell - we assume she was a Hillyer child - who died in 1882. We also assume the fake poinsettia sits atop a flat stone, but we don't know that passed soul's name.

We decided that visiting cemeteries where we don't know anyone is pleasant compared with visiting those where our relatives can be found.

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