Sunday, May 19, 2013

Art and a Little Food

I heard about a gallery exhibit of Hot Tea's stuff in Minneapolis so I went.  I was a little underwhelmed, although this self-portrait was kind of cool.

Especially close up.

I liked this figure rappelling down the wall with yarn.

Maybe I was underwhelmed because the exhibit is small.

Other than that, nothing exciting here.  I made chili using a new mini mortar and pestle for spices.  It's the first time I've made chili in the new place (you can tell Boy-child is back).

And I have a new Kandinsky print that just got back from framing.

It's called Balancement


Fede said...

Disculpa mi ignorancia: ¿underwhelmed puede traducirse como 'decepcionado'?

soxanne said...

Si, quiere decir que no me impresiono.