Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nostalgic Musings

 Electronics seem to be my new addiction thing.   I recently acquired an iPod touch.  Justification can be declared on many levels, but perhaps my favorite thing is being able to listen to audio books anywhere, anytime (yes, the iPad works too, but it's so clunky).  I'm not sure if the audio book thing is due to the nostalgia of reading to my children, or if I've regressed to the point where I'm relishing being read to myself, as if I were a child again.  Maybe both.

At any rate, I'm making a sweater for the iPod.

 You may recall the gardens of the past couple of years, which were rented space in a churchyard.  I'd always wanted a garden like the one when I was growing up (when I did not appreciate the fresh tomatoes).  This year I decided to skip the community garden plot, but I did buy the biggest tomato plant I could find at the Farmer's Market last Saturday.

I also purchased a stand for the balcony garden and some herbs.  Here you can see it with gifted petunias and spider plant.  Saturday was so cold and windy I didn't get anything else.  Maybe next weekend it will be nice enough out that I'll add more.

I volunteered for the Knitters' Guild at Shepherd's Harvest on Sunday.  Didn't take any pictures (not sure why) and I did not buy yarn (so proud of myself) but I did come away with amaretto fudge and a pair of black sheep earrings.   I was always, and I guess I continue to be, the black sheep of the family.

At some point last winter (or maybe it was during The Spring That Never Came) I found a pair of Carlos Santana sandals online.  Not kidding.  They are so retro I love them.  No doubt I had a similar pair during the 1970s (although I wouldn't remember the details since my 1970s memory is missing a few pieces).


kmkat said...

I love listening to audiobooks -- in the car, doing housework (on the odd day when I do some), doing yard/garden work (which I will do again someday). Smokey gave me an iPod dock that lives next to my knitting chair so I can listen when I knit.

Black sheep of the family, missing a few pieces of '70s memory... sistah! (I love the sandals, too.)

Silvernfire said...

This has to be one of the few times ever that someone has described an iPad as "clunky." I do like the iPod sweater: nice cables!

I admire your yarn restraint.

Mary Lou said...

I listen to audio books at night whirl falling asleep. Put the touch on sleep in 15 Mounties. It is like having someone read you to sleep like a kid.

soxanne said...

Me too!