Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yarnover 2010

Yarnover was extra-amazing this year.

Cat Bordhi was the keynote speaker. Didn't get a decent photo but loved listening to her talk.

Then I had class with Jared Flood. He is a boy wonder, imho. (He reminds me of Boy-child in a young-man-hipster sort of way):
And you probably already knew that I'm in love with Franklin Habit.
I got off to a slow start, but started none the less with improving my photography skills.
The reflection on the desk in this on was, I thought, particularly nice. It was an accident though; I have no idea how I got that effect.
Other shots were taken to compare and contrast. Check out the difference between two shots of my Wisterious Monkey:

As Franklin told us, it's just like knitting - as long as you got what you wanted out of it you did it right.
I got Franklin's book for myself and had him sign it.
And I made some very unlikely yarn purchases.
Explanation to follow (eventually).

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