Thursday, April 29, 2010

This and That

So I've been home with laryngitis and related maladies which means I have not been out taking pictures or doing anything of interest.

I have gotten some knitting done...I also watched the entire third season of The Tudors (what a nasty lot they were!)...and I started a new book, The Maze of Cadiz which is quite good (look at that - it's a series - who knew?).

For entertainment I will link up a few things of interest that I have found and saved up for weeks such as this one.
  • Unconventional knitting in a slide show, from The Guardian
  • The top 40 nature photographs - a set on Flicker (found because a Minnesotan shot four of the forty)
  • Check out this piece on reasons we love Mr Rogers.
  • And this very cool video which you've probably already seen, but what the heck:

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Rose the Gypsy said...

Hope you are feeling better.