Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Cardigan, A Shawl, and Springtime

Did I mention I'm almost done with the Circumnavigated Cardigan? When we last visited it, the button band was the only thing left. Then we broke our wrist.
Ok, so I'm not actually finished - I just have to bind off, weave in ends and sew on the fabulous buttons that I found today.
I also finished that shawl I made as my what-to-make-with-a-broken-wrist project. I've dubbed it the "Scaphoid Seaweed Stole."

It's enormous. I have no idea how to wear it.
It's really pretty, though.

It blocked out nicely although one end looks completely different from the other. So what, I say, I made this thing with a broken wrist!

Also, spring has sprung here. I guess the shovels can be put away.


Anonymous said...

Great sweater -- it looks like one you will wear and wear and wear. The stole is gorgeous. If you can't figure out how to wear it, I think I could ;-)

Suzique said...

Wow - it's all fabulous! and I do love the buttons, too. Great colors on everything.