Thursday, April 22, 2010


Still playing with the camera.

I think I've overcome my overexposure problem. These are all untouched:

I like the effect of this one - the buds on this tree are pretty bright pink but the blossoms are white (it also smells fantastic):
And the color of these is spot on:
Forgot to snap shots of knitting and the Venus Flytrap...will try to get to those this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Are those bulls on the St. Paul campus? Thanks for the link to the Gaiman thing -- I am LOVING IT.

Suzique said...

Could it be that photography will be your methadone for knitting? lol!

seriously - the pix are fabulous! love the buds.

amy said...

Those bull statues are cracking me up! And you have a venus fly trap?! That's fantastic.