Thursday, April 15, 2010


Your result for The Personality Profile Art Test...

Thinker and a Doer

87% Abstract, 87% Impressionist, 93% Renaissance, 87% Japanese, 87% Islamic, 83% Agreeable, 3% Challenging and 100% Expressionist!

Your test indicates that you have a preference for expressionist art. Expressionist art lovers are usually people that easily show their emotions. They tend not to hide their feelings regardless of what those feelings are. They tend to be quite expressive and have a deep love of art, music, and creativity. The do not believe that there is only one viewpoint to things, but many. They love individualism and embrace change as it can show them something new that they may have not yet experienced.

People that love expressionist art tend to be trend setters. They love to think outside the box.

You also scored higher on agreeableness than on challenging.

People with high agreeableness scores engage positively with other people. They are keen to understand people's feelings and feel real warmth for others. As they are so empathic, they like to make sure other people are happy and will do what they can to put people at their ease.

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Hi, I'm kmkat and I am an art lover.