Sunday, December 13, 2009


I believe I mentioned that I finished my Wanida socks? I love Cookie A. sock patterns:
This past week I've been racing to make a peace offering for Boy-child's adviser at school. There was a little incident. Small. He hasn't flunked out or been expelled, we'll just say that the honeymoon is over. Anyway, I made this hat for the adviser and she's going to get it even tho I feel lukewarm about how it turned out. I like the trellis pattern:
But the decreases didn't go very well. After two attempts at making the pattern work for me I did my own thing. It is slightly misshapen, but I'm hoping blocking will take care of it - this gives an idea of the texture at the crown, the color is more accurate above:
On the Christmas front, I got my mother's cards done and most of my own. This shows where we were at last night - One pile ready to go, one waiting for the annual letter and/or international postage and a third pile waiting for the Spanish version of the letter (Pato's job; he is, after all, a professional). Most of them went out this afternoon:
There are five cards left in the box. I hope I didn't forget too many people.

Ornaments of the day - The "HoHoHo" is from 1991, when Girl-child was two and "hohoho" was how she expressed Christmas.
This is an antique - I believe it belonged to my great-grandmother Christopher:
Christopher from Christopherson - the Norwegian branch of the family, btw. That is why Boy-child's middle name is Christopher.

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Anonymous said...

And a hearty ho-ho-ho to you, too! Is that fairy hanging under the ho-ho-ho part of it?