Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside is ....


We are due for 12-16 inches of snow over the next few days - I hope they're right!

Here's a vintage ornament - from my childhood...I was the only girl so there was a lot of pink:
This is either Toot or Puddle, I'm not sure which. We loved the books, especially the one in which one of them goes off on a trip and sends the other one postcards from around the world:
A glass angel and a cat ornament that looks just like our cat, Mozart. Suzie, who is currently taking care of Mozart as Girl-child is leaving soon for Chile and Boy-child is allergic, gave Mozart the ornament several years ago:
A very girly ornament that I received when I was too old for such, but it was made in Spain which I find endearing:

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Anonymous said...

I have loved the sharing of your ornaments ... they are delightful!