Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Spirit with Stitches

The Nutcracker is big in our house. Both kids danced in the Ballet Minnesota production - Girl-child for eight years and Boy-child for, I think, six or seven. This is our favorite of all the nutcrackers we own (which is a lot) because it's Drosselmeyer. We call him Robert because Robert Cleary was a fantastic Drosselmeyer:
This is a recent ornament acquisition - a felted Santa from the Textile Center. I collected Santa ornaments for a while.
And I bought a lot of angels too, over the years.
Last night we had a little interruption to our regularly scheduled activities; Pato took a knife to his finger. Four stitches at the emergency room. We haven't been to the emergency room for a while and we noticed a lot of changes since our last visit. Turns out that since University Hospitals took over Fairview (our favorite part) Fairview has turned in to a bit of a mental hospital. That explains the heavy security. Anyway, they took good care of him (sans straight-jacket) and we got home within a reasonable amount of time.

Both kids were born at Fairview and it turns out they do still have OBGyn there. Must be a nice break for worn-out mental health workers to visit the babies.

(Kat - is that where Smokey is?)


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, Smokey works at University of MN hospitals - Fairview. He has never mentioned going to look at the babies on his break, though. Probably because he is a man and not quite as enamored by babies as we females.

Suzique said...

He was brave to pose with the weapon of digital destruction.