Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

We got a tree, ordered cards, decorated (actually, Girl-child did a lot of that).

It's pretty impossible to photograph a tree with lights in the dark, but you get the idea. The tree was purchased from the University Forestry Club - small and shapely and very reasonably priced:
Some favorite ornaments (sorry about the flash, Sweet Pea) ...

Thing One and Thing Two:
This is something Girl-child made in preschool, I think - small piece of felt, cotton ball stretched out, googly eyes and a mancala piece:
A Santa with a nose, but no eyes:
A sheep - Sue, I believe you're responsible for this?
Some old-fashioned and modern in the mix:
And cookies:
I made two batches of cookies so far, Boy-child helped prepare for sending my mother's cards and, would you believe, I finished the Wanida socks?

It's been especially fun since we weren't here last year. And best of all? It's supposed to start snowing tomorrow.


fish said...

Those kinds of cookies ... yum ... and the tree is lovely and the ornaments are festive!! .. but I would keep those chile photos handy for when the wind chill drops ... so let the snow begin, eh?

Anonymous said...

Spritz! I love those, must make some -- I have my mother's recipe from before the start of time.

Great idea to photograph personal ornaments -- I think I will steal that. Maybe you have started a movement, the Soxanne Christmas Ornament Photography Movement.

Suzique said...

How can anyone be surprised that you finished a pair of sox, Soxanne?

I am, however, mightily impressed that BC prepped those cards. Nice job, Man-Child!