Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Night Sky and A Special Note

There was a cool moon last night:
And a very cool bank of clouds visible after the Shadow show:
This note came in our mail bin at the library yesterday. The young woman it was directed to is already involved with someone, but you have to give the young man credit for creativity:
Boy-child thinks she should keep the guy's number on file just in case things don't work out with the current beau.


Anonymous said...

A note like that would just make my day (especially if I just took it at face value and didn't think too hard about it).

Suzique said...

loved the note.

The moon was beautiful. It was also apparently making people drive crazily - on Wed. night as well. We almost got hit when the young blonde just ahead of us decided to make a U turn with her big hot red truck - a very close call! it should be noted she was NOT texting or holding a cell phone, but she almost did not look particularly concerned by the near miss.

Suzique said...

er, that is, she *also* did not look particularly concerned...