Monday, August 17, 2009

Portland Odds and Ends

We're home - got the last four seats on the flight as a matter of fact.

It was a fun trip.

So here are the odds and ends of the photos - this first one is from the sidewalk:
For once I saw a pair of shoes in the street instead of just one:
With all of the rain, there are many beautiful flowers (not just roses):

We went to the Velveteria - a Velvet Painting Museum. No photos can be taken inside, but these are a few of the items available for viewing in the lobby.

Sublime tackiness.

We stumbled upon Portland Museum's exhibit on tattoos including the man who claims to be the most tattooed person in Portland - Matt Gone. A dubious claim to fame, imho, but there he was. There was also a great Escher exhibit as well as some very good early photography on display.

This is Portlandia, second only to the Statue of Liberty as far as copper repoussé statues go.

It's helping keep Portland weird, I think:
Did I mention there are a lot of homeless people? And people begging on the streets?
And, finally, more artwork from the Ace Hotel. It was a fab hotel - If you ever find yourself in Portland see if you can get a room there. These are from the stairwell, including some details:

Even tho the elevator doesn't work too well.
Btw, we went to Portland at Girl-child's suggestion. She got the idea to go to Portland and specifically to stay at the Ace from this woman's blog.

And since you can never get to everything in a weekend, I believe in making a list for "next time" Here's our list:

The Gorge
Brunch at Salty's
Evergreen Aviation Museum
Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden

It's good to have something to look forward to.

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Suzique said...

a family member lived near there for many years - never, ever did I hear about or see any of these places. NOW I would go back!!!!!

thanks for the eye candy!